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At Essential InfoSec we teach Security+ based on the latest trends and techniques in threat detection and management, risk detection and vulnerability spotting.

CompTIA Security Plus Training Course Details

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The CompTIA Security+ [SY0-601] Certification could be a universally recognized precious document for foundation-level IT security skills. This CompTIA coaching validates your ability to use the information of knowledge security to genuine networks. It certifies an individual’s ability to spot risks, perform risk management and mitigation activities, and guarantee the operational safety of enterprise networks.

Successful completion of CompTIA security plus training can assist you in clearing the CompTIA (SY0-601) examination. You’ll have the in-depth knowledge and skills needed to Assess the safety posture of an enterprise setting and advocate and implement suitable security solutions, Monitor, and secure hybrid environments

You will also get cloud, mobile, and IoT training, Identify, analyze, and reply to security events and incidents. Operate with AN awareness of applicable laws and policies and principles of governance, risk, and compliance

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Live Online Training​

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Corporate Training

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Classroom Training

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Material Includes

Essential Infosec’s CompTIA Security + Certification course can permit you to reinforce skills and gain the information needed in installation and configuration systems. It also secures networks, applications, and devices by analyzing ways, taking part in risk mitigation exercises, applying appropriate responses with migration techniques, and rationing applicable awareness laws and policies

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In this CompTIA security plus online training, apprentices study the elaborate idea of IT security, which incorporates

  • Network defenses and attack ways
  •  Effective parts for security management and policies
  •  Best network and host-based security practices
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity
  •  Encryption product and standards
Key features of this CompTIA Security+ Training:
  • Choose from on-demand and instructor-led integrated learning choices
  •  Exclusive LinkedIn cluster membership for peer and SME community support
  •  CompTIA-approved Security+ coaching programs
  •  CompTIA Security+ examination voucher, study guide and observe queries enclosed

What you'll learn

  • How to analyze indicators of compromise and confirm the kind of malware
  •  How to compare and distinction varieties of attacks and make a case for threat actor sorts and attributes
  •   How to make a case for penetration testing and vulnerability scanning ideas
  •  How to make a case for the impact related to varieties of vulnerabilities
  •  How to install and assemble network elements, each hardware, and software-based, to support structure security
  •  How to use applicable package tools to assess the safety posture of a company
  • How to troubleshoot common security problems
  •  How to analyze and interpret output from security technologies
  • How to deploy mobile devices firmly
  • How to implement secure protocols
  • How to make a case for use cases and purpose for frameworks, best practices, and secure configuration guides
  • How to implement secure specification ideas and secure systems style
  •  How to make a case for the importance of safe staging preparation ideas
  • How to make a case for the safety implications of embedded systems
  •  How to summarize secure application development and preparation ideas
  •  How to translate cloud and virtualization ideas
  • How to make a case for however resiliency and automation ways scale back the risk
  •  How to make a case for the importance of physical security controls
  •   How to compare and distinction identity and access management ideas
  • How to install and assemble identity and access services
  • How to implement identity and access management controls and the way to differentiate standard account management practices
  • How to make a case for the importance of policies, plans, and procedures associated with structure security
  • How to summarize business impact analysis ideas
  • How to make a case for risk management processes and ideas
  •  How to follow incident response procedures
  •  How to summarize basic ideas of forensics
  • How to make a case for disaster recovery and continuity of operation ideas
  • How to compare and distinction varied varieties of controls
  • How to do knowledge security and privacy practices
  • How to compare and distinction basic ideas of cryptography and the way to elucidate cryptography algorithms and their essential characteristics
  •  How to install and assemble wireless security settings
  •  How to implement public key infrastructure

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CompTIA Security+ Training candidates have a minimum of 2 years of expertise in IT administration with the following :

  •  a spotlight on security,
  •  Daily technical data security expertise,
  • Broad information of security considerations,
  • Implementation


Career choices

 It’s additionally counseled that candidates hold the CompTIA Network+ certification or have the equivalent networking expertise. This path doesn’t need any previous information or knowledge.

It requires two years of expertise in IT administration with a security focus.

Possible job opportunities:
  •  Systems Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  •   Security Administrator
  • Junior IT Auditor / Penetration Tester

CompTIA Security+ Certification course can permit pupils to reinforce skills and gain the information needed in installation and configuration systems to secure networks, applications, and devices by playacting threat analysis ways. They took part in risk mitigation exercises, appropriate responses with migration techniques, and applicable awareness laws, policies, and laws.

This CompTIA security+ classroom training focuses on risk management, authentication & authorization, cryptography, and security on host, application, LAN, mobile, wireless, and cloud.

CompTIA security+ training course examination summary
The CompTIA Security+ (SY0-601) certification exam verifies that certified IT execs have the information and skills needed to:
  • Assess the cybersecurity posture of an enterprise setting
  •  Recommend and implement applicable cybersecurity solutions
  •  Monitor and secure hybrid environments
  •  Operate with AN awareness of applicable laws and policies
  • Identify, analyze and reply to cybersecurity events and incidents
  • Get the complete image of the abilities coated by CompTIA Security+ once you transfer the exam objectives for free of charge.

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Cyber threat is that the biggest threat of our times that puts organizations and people in danger. Firms got to have correct security systems in situ to confirm that there’s no breach of information that would not solely result in loss of profits and business, however conjointly loss of name and client goodwill. Security specialists area unit thus in high demand as they’ll scent out irregularities and defend systems from fraud and breach.

CompTIA Security+ could be a globally recognized certification because it covers best practices in IT security. Its holders are identified for their commitment and experience in maintaining security in systems. We tend to acknowledge this and thence bring you a comprehensive course that will assist you to aim for a primary-time pass of communication and begin a flourishing career.

Once payment is received, you may receive an email from Learning Tree with all the links and knowledge you wish to induce started.

An outline of the content you may receive may be seen on top of it. You may conjointly get access to any new on-demand content that becomes offered throughout your annual enrollment amount

You will get access to twelve completely different science laboratory bundles spanning Security+ and also the CompTIA syllabus

Sixteen commissioned follow exams across the CompTIA syllabus are enclosed

Learning Tree makes the communication voucher offered at the request of the scholars. Recipients can then register with a Pearson Vue center to require the communication at their convenience

Yes. You may receive a CompTIA Security+ training Study Guide enclosed in your tuition.

To earn this certification, you want to take and pass CompTIA communication SY0-601. Communication vouchers area unit offered upon request and enclosed within the value of tuition.

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