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Cyber Security as a profession is evolving over the years, with the increasing rate of cybercrimes. Any business transacting online or carries sensitive information is in would like a Cyber Security skilled to safeguard its start, such delinquents. Moreover, the Internet is a standard platform for anyone across the globe. Therefore, the scope of cybersecurity is equally unfolded across the world.

Candidates prospecting a career in Cyber Security will pursue the degree, certificate, or certification programs offered at the undergrad (UG) & postgraduate (PG) levels.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is a specialized field in Information Technology (Information System Security) considered a substream in engineering. Cyber Security courses aim to equip students with the information and skills needed to defend the pc operative systems, networks, and information from cyber-attacks.

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About Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security (PGDCS)

In today’s cyber world, each cyber subject needs to grasp and appreciate cybersecurity because it has become an essential aspect of our everyday life. This program provides learners with pc and knowledge security ideas, cryptography, digital cash, secure protocols for net Security, Intrusion detection, and different security techniques.

The contribution of Cyber Security in protective business networks is immense. With the rise in cybersecurity risks, it’s become one of the foremost vital international agendas for nearly every organization. Moreover, hacking and different security failures, which could endanger the worldwide economy, have created it imperative for businesses worldwide to recruit professionals capable of filling significant talent gaps in cybersecurity.

Post Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security may be a program designed keeping in mind the leading employment opportunities within the info technology (IT)/cybersecurity performance of varied industries. The program would cause employment opportunities within Cyber Security to perform in various industries & sectors. Furthermore, it’d conjointly facilitate the scholars attain extra Qualification to realize employment opportunities across numerous job roles and functions in national & international organizations. The program has been developed through inputs from the business and specialists within the field.

The teaching pedagogy includes theory, practical, case studies, study material, projects, etc., to stay the educational experiential and cooperative. PGD in Cyber Security is a sophisticated program for each fresher and dealing professionals and has been devised with inputs from business specialists. The program covers all the vital aspects of Cyber Security that may facilitate the aspirants to gain a footing

To stop a hacker, you need to be ready to suppose like one. It's a motivating balance between toeing the road of

VAPT online course is best suitable for candidates like Network security officers and practitioners, Site administrators, analysts or managers, IT operations manager , Technical support engineer ...

Learn Advance skills for locating bugs in websites, penetration testing on Windows and UNIX system machines, and putting in place free Labs on Amazon EC2 (Elastic cipher Cloud) Instance. ...

In this NPTD course, you'll learn how to perform elaborate reconnaissance missions, exploit target systems to achieve access and live real business risk

Mobile applications often process sensitive data, which is that the key target of the many cybercriminals. a method to enhance the safety of a mobile app is to perform mobile application penetration testing

Malware Analysis Professional (Map) Is A Web , Self-paced Training Course That Teaches Students .The Knowledge And Skills Necessary To Dissect Malicious Software So As To Know Its Mechanics And Purpose.

This course is a job headed course designed to provide networking professionals capable of implementing, administering, maintaining Networks and overall systems

This course can teach you about web application vulnerabilities and use Kali UNIX system tools to perform web application penetration testing training to professional standards

Network Penetration Testing (NPT)

Network Penetration testing in easy terms may be a simulation of a hacker's method to launch an associate degree attack on a business network.....

Digital forensics could be a key element in Cyber Security. Many folks hear the term forensics, computer forensics, or digital forensics and instantly assume that's...

IOS Applications are much secure as they chiefly run on Apple Hardware, there might be some vulnerability within the application that the black-hat hackers or scammers will target.....

The course continues by discussing essential programing language concepts relevant to reverse engineering. you'll learn to look at malicious code with the assistance of a disassembler and a debugger so as to know its key components and execution flow......

Cyber Security – Courses, Fees and Jobs

Top 10 Cyber Security Courses in India

Take a look at the list of popular cybersecurity courses in India that students mostly prefer taking:



BTech/ MTech in Computer Science Engineering with Cyber Security

Certified Risk and Information System Control

BTech/ MTech in Computer Science Engineering with Cyber Security & Quick Heal

Certified Ethical Hacker

BTech/ MTech in Computer Science Engineering with Cyber Security & Forensics

Cisco Certified Network Professional

BTech/ MTech in Computer Science Engineering with Certified Cyber Security Investigator


BTech/ MTech in Computer Science Engineering with Networking & Cyber Security

ISACA Certified Information Security Auditor

BE in Information Technology with IBM

Certificate in Information Security

BSc in Information Technology Management and Cyber Security

ISACA Certified Information Security Management

BSc in Cyber Security

ISC Certified Information Systems Security Professional

BCA with Microsoft Cloud Computing and Cyber Security

BCA Hons. In Cyber Security

Course Fees All Candidates- Course Fee is Rs. 60,000/- + GST at actual

Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security Jobs

After completing a cybersecurity course, candidates can look forward to work in the following job profiles.
Job profiles in Cyber Security
Chief Information Security Officer Penetration Testes
Security Auditor Security Manager
Vulnerability Accessor Cryptographer
Security Administrator Security Consultant
Security Software Developer Forensic Expert
Incident Responder Security Analyst
Security Architect Security Engineer
Security Code Auditor Security Specialist
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