Refund Policy

Refund Policy: (Programmes with prep-session component)

  • Students should pay AN quantity of ₹10,000 as caution cash for the enrollment of the course. It can be adjustable against the entire course fee owed by the student.

  • Students will claim a refund for the course when three days of the payment. The login will be activated right away after completing the ‘payment of the first caution money on the ‘Specified date’ as communicated by EIS. A processing fee of ₹10,000 is going to be levied just in case a refund is claimed.

  • A student should pay the total fee within one month of the block quantity or cohort begin date, whichever is earlier. Otherwise, the admission letter will be rescinded, and a processing fee of ₹10,000 will be levied.

  • Any taxes paid by the student shall not be refundable, and therefore the quantity to be withheld will be higher than taxes paid or 10,000 process fees.

  • There shall be no refund applicable once the program has started. It can be helpful even for those students who couldn’t complete their payment and will not be registered within the batch opted for. However, the student will avail pre-deferral as per the policy outlined below for a similar.

  • Refund shall be processed to an eligible student within thirty working days from the date of receipt of refund kind from them during this regard.

  • Refund shall be subject to deduction of ₹10,000 process charges or the GST paid, whichever is higher as mentioned on top of.

Deferral Policy: (Post Programme Commencement)

  • If a student faces severe problems in dedicating time to the course, we offer the chance for the student to defer to a different batch.
  • A student will request for deferral one time and from the batch’s start date of the initial batch registered for.
  • If any, the student will be needed to pay deferral fees of 100% of the entire course quantity fee + taxes, if any, with the differential program fees between the two cohorts.
  • The deferral request is going to be approved once the deferral fee is paid.
  • It can be completed. The student will be assumed to be continued within the same cohort.
  • The student has seven days (including holidays and weekends) from the deferral request to create the deferral fee after the deferral request expires. Therefore the student can continue as a part of the present cohort.
  • If the student completes the deferral payment, the student’s login is going to be disabled. The student can leave the postponed cohort, and therefore the student can begin learning on the new cohort from the purpose of the last hierarchic assignment within the postponed cohort. All grades and progress will be carried forward because it is to the new affiliate.
  • For clarification, the grades of the hierarchic assignments will be carried forward, whether or not or not the student had submitted these grading throughout the initial stage.
  • The deferral will only be requested throughout the batch that the student has registered in progress. Once the batch has been completed, deferral requests shall not be amused. For clarification, the batch completion here shall mean the “last grace deadline” as communicated by Essential Infosec.

Deferral Policy: (Pre Programme Commencement)

  • Suppose a student facing unavoidable circumstances cannot start with the batch and requests a deferral before starting. In that case, we offer the chance for the student to defer to a different cohort.

  • The students will be needed to pay 50% of the entire Programme fee amount (inclusive of taxes) before the deferral is approved. Until this can be completed, the students will be assumed to be continued within the same cohort.

  • A student will request a deferral to any cohorts beginning within the next three months from the beginning date of the initial batch during which the student was initially registered. For the primary deferral request, subject to purpose no. a pair of the Pre-Programme Deferral Policy, no extra charges shall be levied.

  • Suppose a student needs to defer his entrance a second time. In that case, such a student can have to be compelled to create an extra payment of Rs.10,000 as a Deferral fee, and this amount shall be non-refundable under any circumstances. Once this payment is finished, students will be eligible to defer to any of the associates beginning within three months from the present cohort.

  • The student has time to create the balance five hundredth Programme fee payment until the current cohort launch date after the deferral request expires. Once the deferral window expires and a student needs to withdraw their entrance from the Programme above, the refund policy will apply.

  • The student shall be prone to pay the differential Programme fees between the two cohorts, if any.

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